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‘Moonrise Kingdom:’ Wes Anderson’s Animated Books

Six fictitious storybooks play a big part in Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom and Anderson has created a supplementary compilation of animated shorts to go along with them. Nostalgically evocative of Reading Rainbow, the animations were inspired by the cover art of the books which Anderson had specifically commissioned for the film.

Explains the director, “We got the [cover] artist to do key drawings, and then someone else had to take those key drawings and animate them. One of these guys I believe was in Sweden, one in Paris, and one in L.A. They were all over the world and we did it all by Internet. For instance, the one with the hydrogoblin, The Girl From Jupiter — that artist does his work in oil painting, so someone had to kind of emulate that oil painting look in the animation.”

Read more and watch the animations here on Entertainment Weekly.