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‘Moonlight’ Co-Editor Joi McMillion on Finding a Meaningful Story Within the Silences

"Moonlight" co-editor Joi McMillion speaks about cutting Barry Jenkins's film in an effort to "make this movie as beautifully cut as it was shot."

Moonlight co-editor Joi McMillion speaks to Where to Watch about cutting Barry Jenkins’s film in an effort to “make this movie as beautifully cut as it was shot.”

Moonlight takes place over the course of a young man named Chiron’s life growing up in Miami as he comes to term with his circumstances and sexuality, with the main character played by three different actors at different ages.

“The part we came back to a lot was the first seven to ten minutes of the film, because your main character, the person who’s going to take you from each act, doesn’t really say anything, so what we’re trying to do is get the audience onboard with this character with looks and glances, showing you what he’s experiencing,” says McMillion. “Also, we had to find a balance, because Mahershala Ali is such a presence, but the movie’s not about him, so it’s about finding a balance so it’s still from Chiron’s point of view.”

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