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mocha for Final Cut Adds Powerful Planar Tracking Capability for Editors, VFX Artists in the Final Cut User Community

Guildford, UK — Continuing its plan to develop and deliver new, innovative and accessible desktop VFX tools, Imagineer Systems announced a major new development for the Final Cut community – mocha for Final Cut. Executives from Imagineer Systems will unveil this new tracking tool for Final Cut users at the FCPUG SuperBooth (#SL10129) at NAB 2009 in Las Vegas later this month.

mocha for Final Cut is designed as a stand alone 2D tracking tool and is packed with features that help editors and VFX artists tackle more complex jobs and enable them to finish projects within Final Cut. Tapping into customer feedback throughout the development process, Imagineer Systems has included the a key toolset in highest demand from editors: a solid 2.5D tracker for image replacement and stabilization.

“mocha for Final Cut is a great example of how we’re tapping into the everyday workflow requirements of our customers and working with them to make their lives even easier,” said Allan Jaenicke, chief executive officer of Imagineer Systems. “Editors today are asked to meet more complex challenges such as tracking logos, replacing screens and stabilizing footage. By extending the best, most innovative technologies we’ve created to the workflow tools our customers rely on every day, like Final Cut, we’re helping our customers unleash their creativity and eliminate workflow obstacles. We’re excited to share mocha for Final Cut with our customers at NAB 2009!”

The tracker in mocha for Final Cut is based on Imagineer Systems’ unique 2.5D Planar Tracking technology, which is significantly more robust than traditional point trackers typically found in today’s editing systems. mocha for Final Cut enables users to obtain high quality tracks, even in situations where objects are moving out of frame, lack detail, motion blur and heavy grain. mocha for Final Cut’s innovative Adjust Track tool helps remove drift and enables users to extract offset tracking data for areas that go off screen.

mocha for Final Cut exports the tracking data in XML format to Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Express.