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The Mill Help Create Slow-Motion Character in Delightful Short Film

Leonard has a problem: he is doomed to live his life in slow-motion. But what gets deemed an amusing party trick to his co-workers, may cost Leonard his office crush…unless he can somehow learn to live at regular speed.

The VICE short film “Leonard in Slow Motion,” directed by Peter Livolsi and starring Martin Starr, was created with the help of VFX studio The Mill, who used Nuke to depict the slow-motion character. As they explain on their blog, “The shoot, held in LA, was complex, as each shot had to have three plates; a slow motion plate, a regular speed plate and a clean plate. All in all, the team worked in 55 shots, ranging from set extensions and CG backgrounds to stitching all of the alternative frame rate plates together.”

Watch “Leonard in Slow Motion” below and read more here.