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Miley Cyrus: Digital Experiments from Reed + Radar

Pamela Reed and Matthew Rader, the artistic team of Reed + Radar, created a bunch of Myley Cyrus spots for this year’s VMAs. Nowness asked the team to explain what’s happening in each of the four segments they completed. The response might clarify things for some readers:

“‘Yeehaw’ is Miley riding her cat Shanti through a magical rainbow world. ‘Magical Breasts’ is Miley on a dolphin populated beach and being queen to them. She has dolphins shooting out of her breasts. ‘SideScroller’ is the video game scenario of Miley chasing cherries. ‘Spaced the F*ck Out’ is Miley in space trying to complete a mission and being rescued by her fellow astronaut.”

There. Now that that’s all sorted, here’s some video: