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Michael Polish Reveals the Dark Mysteries of ‘Amnesiac’

"'Visually, we ended up making it darker and darker," the director explains.

Director Michael Polish recently gave an interview to Dustin Chang for Twitch about his new film Amnesiac. Starring the filmmaker’s wife, Kate Bosworth (Still Alice), and Wes Bentley (Interstellar) about a man who wakes up after a harrowing car crash and finds he’s being taken care of by a mysterious woman who might (or might not) be his wife. 

Of the modestly-budgeted feature, Polish explains that the chalenge was in, “‘how to make one house interesting- if we were able to move around the house, if the house was a maze – you are not sure where you are at, kind of thing. The biggest room (the main bedroom), as the things got worse, got smaller and smaller and they end up in the basement. I thought, let’s start big and then see how much we can cram things in to a basement. 

“‘Visually we ended up making it darker and darker. I still wanted the movie to be soft lit. I didn’t want to bring a lot of lights and make it overly dramatic horror film.'”

Here’s a taste: