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Mettle Assists on VR Film for Social Change

Fugitives Editorial was commissioned by The Strongheart Group in collaboration with the World Bank to produce Francis, a VR short film whose goal is to move mental health out of the shadows and onto the world agenda as a global health and development priority.

The experience immerses participants in the world of Francis, a teacher in Ghana who went through a mental health crisis. The viewer experiences Francis’ struggle and eventual recovery.

Travis Hatfield, senior editor of Fugitives Editorial, says, “We shot the film using a 14-camera stereoscopic GoPro Rig in Ghana. Once the full-resolution footage arrived in the U.S., we created the stereoscopic version and began working with Adobe Premiere and After Effects to craft the story. There was a lot of trial and error when creating the various techniques that we used, and Mettle’s Skybox Studio allowed us the sandbox to play in.”

Hatfield adds that his team used the Mettle series of plug-ins, including Skybox VR Player, Skybox 360VR, Skybox Blur and Skybox Studio for a variety of postproduction tasks. “One of the unsung uses for Skybox Studio was actually the pre-vis aspect of our film. We were able to quickly create a 360° environment to try out all the ideas we were thinking about,” he says.

“Adobe’s pipeline of software coupled with the Mettle series of plug-ins helped us easily navigate both platforms and create a finished product that we are very proud of. For a project that seemed so technically difficult at the beginning, the software created a safe and familiar place in which we could create.”