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‘Men in Black 3’ Director Barry Sonnenfeld on Creating Character and Managing 3D

Men in Black 3 director Barry Sonnenfeld talks to the AV Club about time travel rules, casting aliens, and his approach to 3D. He says, “For me, there was absolutely no adjustment in shooting in 3D, because the way I shoot in 2D feels like I shoot in 3D. If you look at Raising Arizona, which I was the cinematographer on, or Throw Momma From The Train, or what I did as a director in the first Men in Black or The Addams Family, I think those could be turned into 3D movies without any adjustment. I suggested to Sony that I wanted to release the movie in 3D when we started to shoot. We shot a lot of tests on a lot of 3D rigs, and they were all too big and cumbersome, and they don’t let you shoot film, you have to shoot digitally. So at the same time, I shot exactly the same shots for the test, but shot them in 2D and converted them. The conversion process for me worked way better than shooting natively, and gave me much more control of depth in post. So it’s actually why I think this movie looks better converted than if I had shot in 3D, because it doesn’t give you a headache. I can very subtly move around where the depth is.”

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