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Media 100 Extends Feature Set Of Media 100 HD

Media 100, a unit of Optibase, and a leading provider of advanced media systems, announced new Version 10 software planned for its initial release of Media 100 HD. Based on direct user feedback from Media 100”s extensive installed base, Version 10 is Media 100”s biggest Mac-based software release in its history and advances Media 100 HD with many high-value features including:

An extensible timeline featuring up to 99 video tracks; Accurate, intuitive, real-time RGB color correction; Software codec with support for full motion alpha channels; Advanced RGB, YUV, HSL real-time keyer with softness and offset controls.

Media 100 HD, first previewed at NAB2003 and formally announced at the end of 2003, features real-time 8- and 10-bit uncompressed and compressed native HD and SD editing. The system also integrates full support for Media 100 i offline formats, allowing the capture of HD content as SD offline-quality media at as little as 5 KB per frame, a first for native HD editing solutions. Resulting SD offline programs can be automatically conformed at full uncompressed HD resolution. Supporting both digital and analog video I/O, Media 100 HD is the first integrated solution that bridges the gap between an HD future and a Betacam past. First shipments of Media 100 HD with Version 10 software are set to begin in the fall of 2004.

“We know that the future of Media 100”s activity is dependent on our ability to listen and respond to the needs of our customers,” said Mike Savello, Media 100 vice president of sales and marketing. “Based on feedback from Media 100 customers at NAB and elsewhere, this new Version 10 feature set is a direct answer to their input. With support for multiple tracks of video, new color correction capabilities, motion alpha mattes, and an advanced keyer, this new release allows our customers to realize the full benefits of our powerful OS X architecture.”

Multiple Video Tracks

The Media 100 HD Version 10 release enables support for up to 99 tracks, each able to contain video, graphics, CG and still image data. Video and graphics clips in these tracks integrate fully keyframed opacity controls and enable users to add layers of video and graphics content to their timelines quickly and easily. Version 10 also allows editors to view a single frame of the composite of all tracks when the CTI (Current Time Indicator) is stationary, allowing users to view instantly all graphics and video elements in both the subsampler window and on the output video monitor.

RGB Color Correction

Media 100 has for many years had an accurate, video-centric YUV color correction utility, which allows the user to make color adjustments in the broadcast-native color format. Version 10 retains this advanced color correction capability and adds robust, real-time RGB color correction with precise controls. And because Media 100 HD is an integrated software/hardware solution, the RGB color correction changes can be seen instantly, in real time, on an attached broadcast monitor allowing for accurate color picking and changes.

Motion Alpha Channel Support

Media 100 HD Version 10 enables real-time keying of media with motion-alpha mattes in the supported codecs (Media 100 HD and animation). This new feature boosts productivity when incorporating animation sequences and data generated in other applications such as Adobe After Effects and Discreet Combustion.

Advanced Keyer

The Version 10 software features a newly engineered keyer that incorporates expanded keying controls, including R, G, B, chroma, luma, H, S, L, softness and offsets. This advanced, real-time keyer allows users to design sophisticated keys with the same precision as dedicated compositing systems.

Real-Time Effects Performance

Media 100 HD Version 10 features several areas of the application that have been tuned for the advanced performance of the dual-processor Power Mac G5 platform. This results in the system being able to perform transitions, opacity controls, keying, color correction and other effects in real time. Combined with Media 100 HD”s onboard real-time effects processor, Media 100 HD is designed to provide many years of performance extensibility.

Pricing and Availability

Complete Media 100 HD system configurations, including a new Apple Power Mac G5 workstation and high-speed media storage, are expected to start at around $12,000. An upgrade program exists for current Media 100 customers interested in moving to Media 100 HD. First shipments are planned to begin this fall. For more information on Media 100 HD, please call (800) 773-1770 or visit the Media 100 website at

About Optibase

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