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Media 100 Announces Version 13 at IBC

Media 100 announces the October availability of Media 100 version 13.

New in version 13 is XML Interchange Integration with Apple Final Cut Studio via importing and exporting of XML-based files. This feature lets users share projects among Apple Final Cut Pro, Apple Color and Media 100 editing stations. For example, an editor can export legacy Media 100 projects to Final Cut Pro for further editing and revisions, export Final Cut Pro sequences for live broadcast from Media 100 systems, or export a Media 100 sequence to Apple Color for advanced color grading.

New expanded audio output options allow assignment of audio tracks to virtual busses for individual processing and output to tape. This feature lets editors create projects in multiple languages and transfer up to 16 audio tracks to other systems for delivery or archive. Media 100 now provides the ultimate flexibility in audio handling throughout a project’s life cycle, providing features comparable to dedicated audio workstations.

“Integration of Media 100 with Apple Final Cut Pro has been a high priority for our customers,” comments Boris Yamnitsky, president of Boris FX/Media 100. “With Media 100, Boris Continuum Complete FxPlug, Boris RED and Final Effects Complete FxPlug, we offer a comprehensive toolset for video editing and graphics on the Mac platform and a perfect complement to Final Cut Studio.”

“I really think the engineers have done a great job on version 13; I really love the new features and I think they are a great addition to the application,” comments Floh Peters of Magic Eye (Cologne, Germany). “It is totally amazing to see the exchange with Final Cut Pro—seeing that your timeline migrates back and forth with all audio keyframes intact. And the multichannel audio features really are a great time-saver for us, working on projects where we usually have at least two different audio mixes. Now we can bring them to tape easily.”

Media 100 Version 13 Feature Highlights

XML Interchange
Users can transfer projects to and from Apple Final Cut Studio via the industry-standard XML language format. Filtered clips and non-standard transitions and titles can be automatically pre-rendered for seamless integration with Final Cut Pro. Standard video transitions and audio cross-fades remain fully editable. They can work on the system of their choice within a larger workgroup or collaborate with Final Cut Pro editors on the same project, and bring their Media 100 timeline into Apple Color for color grading, keeping all of their edits intact and linking to their original media files.

Multichannel Audio Output
Users can now assign multiple audio tracks to virtual busses and process each bus separately in the timeline. Each bus can separately master to one or more output hardware channels. The new multichannel audio mixing and output capabilities provides tools for complex mixing tasks with different language versions within their timeline. Through the use of multiple mixing busses, users can easily create sub-mixes for voice and music and keep complex mixing sessions clearly arranged. Plus, when needed, they can output all the different mixes to tape or to a QuickTime file in a single pass, reducing the time needed to master multitrack projects. They can easily monitor and master surround mixes by using multiple outputs. The mixing capabilities with the ability to assign tracks to multiple busses and the option to apply audio effects both to individual clips as well as audio busses makes Media 100 audio features comparable to dedicated audio workstations.

Other new features include JKL keyboard control for video trimming and timecode support on imported BWF and WAV files, speeding up workflow.

Pricing and Availability
Media 100 version 13 will ship in October 2008. Customers holding valid Media 100 Platinum Software Agreements will receive version 13 free of charge.

Media 100 Suite customers can purchase a Media 100 Platinum Software Updates Agreement for $895.

Media 100 Producer customers can upgrade to version 13 for $295.

Media 100 Suite is now part of the Boris Box Set for Mac, available for $1,995.