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Massive Uses ikan for Production and Post

Massive Post Productions started as a boutique postproduction company specializing in commercials and documentaries with a production component, but as our business grew more toward production, we found ourselves in need of more gear. Whether it be a camera, lighting equipment or a production monitor, there is always a struggle to balance important features with a good price.

When we needed a small HD production monitor, we looked at our requirements and researched what was on the market. We wanted it to be small and light enough to fit on our HD camera, but we needed it to be rugged and offer professional features like waveform, vectorscope and SDI/HDMI input.

ikan’s D7w field monitor has the high-end features found in more expensive monitors. It doesn’t sacrifice quality for price.

Not only does it perform well out in the field, where at times it is in the client’s hands as a playback/viewing monitor, it excels back at the studio, where it doubles as an accurate portable waveform/vectorscope for color correction on our editing systems. We have used it to connect quickly to HDMI sources like a Blu-ray player to check playback on a client disc, or a DSLR camera to quality-check footage while shooting.

We never expected to put the ikan D7w to all these uses when we bought it—we were just looking for a field monitor—but we’ve found applications for it in almost every production and postproduction situation. Bottom line, the ikan D7w monitor fit our needs the best, with a price that fit our budget.

Steve Swersky is a director, producer and editor at Massive Post Productions.