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Marshall Electronics Intros New Camera-Top and 3D Monitors

Marshall continues to deliver new advanced technologies by offering free simple software upgrades to existing product lines.

A leading manufacturer of LCD monitors and audio products for broadcast, studio, television, and production, Marshall Electronics recently announced a number of new product upgrades that provide network control and even stereoscopic 3D functionality. The company will also be showcasing its large category of award-winning monitors for professional video cameras and HD-capable DSLRs, including the highly-anticipated 5″ V-LCD50-HDMI Professional Camera-Top LCD Monitor (seen below).

“Marshall is constantly engineering product software upgrades that allow us to offer new features and solutions from existing product lines,” said Nathan Mordukhay, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Marshall Electronics. “Our MD (Modular Design) and ORCHID series of monitors continue to offer expanded features that integrators can use and count on for years to come.”

Some of these new products include:


The V-LCD50-HDMI 5″ monitor is packed with features found in more expensive models. This compact LED-backlit confidence monitor offers solid picture performance and excellent viewing angles for users simply looking for a portable, yet versatile monitoring solution. The V-LCD50-HDMI offers standard features including a wide variety of formats and markers, four user-configurable front panel function buttons, RGB Check Field / Field Detect, RGB gain and bias control. Major features include Marshall’s industry leading FALSE COLOR and PEAKING Filters, along with Image Flip, Freeze Frame, and HDMI Auto Color Space and Ratio detect. This unit can be battery-powered in the field using four AA batteries or the included power supply. The bottom 1/4″-20 mount allows this lightweight unit to be mounted to most DSLRs, cranes, and jibs.

Estimated Release:

Late September 2010




The new ORCHID version 1.3 software offers S3D production and monitoring tools, along with additional audio diagnostics to the large number of advanced features already found on ORCHID series monitors. With this new software, Marshall introduces the first series of multi-screen and single screen LCD monitors with built-in S3D monitoring capabilities. 3D review for side-by-side S3D sources allows full screen image viewing of either the Left or Right eye image, along with a Blended view of both the Left and Right eye simultaneously. The 3D Review submenu also includes a Luminance difference filter and Chrominance difference filter. Full S3D images are viewed in the anaglyph mode with four degrees of color versus retinal rivalry which allows the user to choose whichever combination allows the most comfortable viewing while reducing eye strain. ORCHID series software version 1.3 also adds two new audio diagnostic tools to allow enhanced monitoring of up to 16 available audio channels. The first is a two-channel Audio Peak Log with variable time domain. This allows the user to visually see peak or dropout errors of any two available audio channels after they occur. The other diagnostic tool is a new Lissajous waveform display that indicates the phase relationship between any two available audio channels. ORCHID series software (Version 1.3) will become available soon and is free of charge to customers who purchase and use these monitors.


Marshall’s new 3D-241-HDSDI is a 24″ 1920 x 1200 LCD monitor designed for professional 3D applications. This monitor is only 2-1/4″ (57mm) deep and uses advanced engineering to deliver natural, flicker-free 3D images by adopting a circular polarizing filter method when used with battery-free glasses. The circular polarizing system used employs a 3D Xpol optical filter applied to the surface of the display. The 3D-241-HDSDI also has 4 HDSDI inputs which provide the ability to monitor two 3D (right eye / left eye) HDSDI signals. By using circular polarized glasses, the user can simultaneously view multiple 3D monitors in a production or multimedia environment. This monitor also supports IMD (In-Monitor Display) functions through RS-422/RS-485 connections (Quad-View mode).

Estimated Release:

Late September 2010




The 3DR-HDSDI is a high quality 3D digital processor designed to be used with any size 3D monitor or TV set with HDMI and DVI inputs. This processor has 4 HDSDI inputs which allow the ability to switch between two 3D (right eye / left eye) HDSDI signals. The 1RU 3DR-HDSDI is rack mountable and can support IMD functions through RS-422/RS-485 connections.

Estimated Release:

Early October 2010



V-LCD-TB – Camera-Top Tally Box for select 6.5″, 7″, and 8.4″ XP Monitors

The V-LCD-TB is an optional adapter that provides both Front and Rear tally functionality to Marshall’s portable field monitors. The V-LCDTB assists in production work by providing camera status to those on-set or in the field. This lightweight tally box provides tri-color front talent LEDs with a dimmer switch to adjust the desired brightness of tally indicators. The rear camera tally provides a red glow to alert the cameraman, studio, or audience members of current shooting status.

Estimated Release:

Early November 2010 



V-LCD-HI – Camera Horizon Indicator for select 6.5″, 7″, and 8.4″ XP Monitors

The V-LCD-HI is an optional adapter that allows the user to accurately position their equipment for stable and level shooting. This is especially useful for Steadicam operators and those that require stable or level shots. By placing the V-LCD-HI sensor to the camera, tripod or other mounting surface, the Marshall LCD monitor display can be used precisely adjust the level of a tripod, camera, or Steadicam rig. The on-screen Horizontal and Vertical level meters indicate when the equipment is level, perpendicular and properly balanced to the horizon.

Estimated Release:

October 2010 



More information and updates on these and other new products are available at