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‘Maron’ Production Moves with ARRI Amira

For the IFC series Maron, cinematographer Joe Kessler uses ARRI’s Amira camera, emphasizing that because each episode has a three-day shooting schedule, quick setups are essential. “With the Amira’s new sensor, you can use very simple lighting setups,” he says. “I have to approach lighting a scene rather than a shot. We have three setups or less to get each scene done. I can dial in a look using color filters, correction filters and color temperature.”

Kessler is appreciative of what the Amira offers in terms of color temperature: “The Amira gives color temperatures in increments of 10, when almost all the other cameras are in increments of 100. That really allows me to fine-tune the color. You do have the ability to white balance, but the color temperature is so accurate that I don’t need to most of the time.”