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Mark Toia Tests Out the 8K RED Weapon Helium Past Its Limits

In the below video, Mark Toia shares and explains the footage he shot with the 8K RED Weapon Helium. Toia was one of the first to get his hands on the camera.

“When the Helium 8K turned up I thought I’d instantly throw it in the helicopter: chase some cars fly through some cities, mountains, blow up some s***,” Toia explains in the video. “Then I thought: ‘Hang on, we’ve been here before’. We’ve been there, we’ve done that. What is this camera’s point of difference compared to the others. I decided to shoot things that have always tripped me up like filming in the dark with little to no light, mixed lighting, and overexposing.”

“What I can see straight up is richer, cleaner, smoother blacks,” Toia says. “Deep rich colors, and far more premiere tones and way less noise when pushing into the higher ISOs. I pushed into the blacks like never before and that was the real standout for me.”

Watch below.