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‘Manifesto’ Artist Julian Rosefeldt Gets Cate Blanchett to Tap Into Macho Energy

Manifesto video artist Julian Rosefeldt writes on The Guardian about how he came to choose Cate Blanchett to perform a series of monologues each representing a young artist’s manifesto.

“Remember that moment when you move out of your parents’ house – the only context you’ve ever known. You want to define and express yourself; understand where you are in life. As you get older, you find out a bit more. You don’t need to be so angry. Your corners are probably not so sharp. Well, these manifestos are seen as history because many of the artists who wrote them became super famous and ended up in the Museum of Modern Art in New York. But they were originally written by people – mostly men – in their early 20s,” writes Rosefeldt.

“The undertone of a manifesto can often be negative: a call to stand against something; to tear something down,” he adds. “But pure poetry is how I read these. Not as documents in a vitrine, but as a person talking. Most of them are bursting with testosterone; that macho energy particular to the beginning of the 20th century. I thought it would be interesting to give those male voices back to a woman – not so much for the feminist aspect, but to make them new again – and readable. Make a male voice female and it blossoms in a new way.”

Read the full story here. Manifesto will be at New York’s Park Avenue Armory from December 7th-January 8th.