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Manfrotto’s LED Units Bring Warmth to Music Video

Last winter found the crew of Crazy Duck in snowy Montpelier, Vermont, filming “Black Train,” a music video for Impulse Records recording artist Indra Rios-Moore. Our primary location was a charming 200-year-old meeting house on the outskirts of town. The video would be delivered in 1920 x 1080 HD and I decided to film everything in 4K with our Sony PMW-F55 camera and a sweet set of Sony T2.0 primes. The extra resolution of 4K would provide flexibility in post to push, pull and dutch our shots.

Although the day was short and overcast, it provided us with several hours of soft, natural light that poured through the large windows on both sides of the building. To accent that light, I used two Spectra 1×1 LED lights from Manfrotto. I placed one just to the right of the camera, where it gently added front fill for Rios-Moore’s face. The Spectra’s bi-color control allowed me to match the existing daylight while still maintaining an organic feel. The second Spectra 1×1, which I set behind the artist, provided a subtle edge light. Again, I dialed in the best color to keep it looking real. I used this lighting setup for the entire day.

Chuck Fishbein is the creative director at Crazy Duck Productions.

Indra Rios-Moore “Black Train” from crazyduck on Vimeo.