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Major Yamaha DME Firmware Upgrade Available as Free Download

Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems has made DME Series Version 3 firmware upgrade available for all Yamaha DME digital mixing engines as a free download. Effective immediately, this major upgrade significantly enhances the functionality and versatility of the DME series product line, which includes the DME64N and DME24N, DME Satellite Series products including the CobraNet-compatible DME8i-C, DME8o-C, and DME4io-C, as well as the EtherSound-compatible DME8o-ES and DME8i-ES. The Version 3 upgrade will allow advanced audio systems to be designed and implemented via a comprehensive computer interface. DME Designer software that provides the programming interface has also been upgraded with Version 3.

Two new features that will be especially useful in the house of worship and corporate presentation markets include an auto gain control component that automatically compensates for variations in the level of a speaker”s voice, and Auto Mixer II, which provides an override function and automatic output level control, useful in applications that do not require the presence of an experienced audio operator.

DME Version 3 has improved zoning capabilities by including a room combiner component that greatly facilitates the ability to combine or divide rooms such as in a conference-style environment, and also control in undivided spaces such as shopping centers or themed restaurants. Additional router and matrix variations have been provided to further increase the capability and efficiency of system design.

“The DME Version 3 firmware upgrade has been well thought out and includes significant enhancements that will be appreciated by contractors with complex control situations,” says Marc Lopez, marketing manager for Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems. “The upgrade greatly advances the functionality and versatility of our entire DME product line.”

The new ambient-noise compensator feature can be used to measure ambient-noise levels and automatically adjust the program level for optimum balance. An audio detector component generates GPI output based on whether or not an input audio signal is detected. A simple, but very useful, stereo mixer is also available in 16-input and 24-input variations, both with dual auxiliary sends.

An all-file export-and-import function makes it easy to transfer user modules, image files, and all other relevant DME data from computer to computer. The device information feature displays a status list of all DME devices on a network. Version 3 allows AMX touchpanel controllers and DME Satellite devices to be connected via Ethernet for significantly improved cabling efficiency. DME is a Duet Partner and fully supports Dynamic Device Discovery. Yamaha is currently working with Crestron for better integration of its touchpanel systems.

Remote Control of internal mic/line head amplifiers makes it possible to remotely control the gain of the high-performance microphone/line head amplifiers built into the DME24N, DME8i, and DME4io units via Yamaha AD8HR protocol. DME head amplifiers can now be remotely controlled via any Yamaha digital mixer or other product with HA remote capability and a Dsub 9-pin remote connector or slot expansion control like the LS9 digital mixer.

A Yamaha MY16-CII CobraNet interface or Auvitran AVY16-ES EtherSound interface can be installed in a DME-N unit, which would allow remote connection to the corresponding type of DME Satellite I/O unit for flexible network system construction. A preference has also been added that allows easy daylight saving time compensation when using the Event Scheduler and WAV file player components when automated announcements are necessary.

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This content originally appeared in Sound & Video Contractor‘s Houses of Worship e-newsletter.