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Macar Finds Day Exteriors a Breeze with SmallHD

Cinematographer Matthew Macar was hired on an ad campaign that involved shooting a full day of exteriors on a tight schedule. He turned to SmallHD’s 7-inch 702-Bright and 17-inch 1703 HDR monitors to show him the way. “Sometimes it’s tough to see what you’re doing when you’re in the field with no shade and no video village tent, but when my ACs set up the 702-Bright in the handheld Teradek rig, the image was so bright in the morning light that we actually had to turn the backlight down a bit.”

The two-day shoot called for a combination of dynamic Freefly MoVI sequences and car-mounted operation, so the ability to see exactly what was being captured was paramount. It was a small crew, and the schedule really benefited from not wasting time setting up video village tents or flag forests.

“The night before the shoot, my 1st AC, Jared Wennberg, called me and asked if I wanted to try out the new 1703 HDR monitor he had just picked up. It was great. I could see 17 inches of everything as crisp and clear as day, without a hood, and I had scopes and false color for exposure. And all on a battery! I watched playback while wearing sunglasses.”

Macar insists that having a combination of those two monitors is the best way to shoot confidently and quickly, especially in full sunlight.