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LStop Media Founder Relies on Video Devices PIX-E5H

When I started LStop Media in 2013, my goal was to provide the most efficient, collaborative and innovative means to elevate services for our clients. As a one-stop shop for production content development and creation, as well as promotion and engagement, we understand that using reliable equipment is critical to meeting the needs of our clients.

When looking to purchase a video recorder, I wanted something that could record in 4K that was also compact, durable, and could capture content in all sorts of environments and situations. After hearing about the PIX-E5H, I ended up pre-ordering one due to its ruggedness and durability, which are key features for me. I love the ease of use the PIX-E5H offers, as well as its plug-and-play capabilities. Aside from these characteristics, the product is very robust, offering a ton of great features. The PIX-E5H does what it says it will do and never overheats. Footage is always crisp and clear, and the menu system is easy to understand as well. It’s great to be able to use the buttons and dials, or tap into what I need with the touchscreen.

The size, functionality, metal body, durable touchscreen, easy operation and storage are all great features and key reasons why I chose the PIX-E5H to complete my rig.

Bradley Glanzrock is founder, executive producer and director of photography at LStop Media.