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Louis C.K. Details His Unconventional Relationship with FX

In his an essay on The Hollywood Reporter, comedian Louis C.K. details his unconventional, but uncompromising, road to success.

He writes about his relationship with Louie
network FX, “If you’re taking money from somebody, they have a right to look after it. It’s all just trying to be clear about the arrangement. That’s why when I set up Louie, I just said, “This is what I’m comfortable doing, and if you don’t want to do it, I don’t blame you. But in exchange, I’ll take very little money.” I was only getting $200,000 per show from them, which is insane, and it goes up just by tiny increments every year. As we negotiate deals for the other shows we produce for FX, like Baskets [starring Zach Galifianakis], I can’t believe what those people are getting paid. It’s really weird to me because they’re like, “This amount and not a penny more for Baskets.” And I’m like, “That’s f—in’ twice what we get on Louie.” The other part of the arrangement with FX is that if this stops working for them, they should just tell me and we’ll stop doing it. Contractually, FX has a right to demand that the scripts be filtered through them before I shoot them, just like any other show. But from the beginning, they haven’t read anything, and they like the show. If I start turning in s***, then they’re going to start asking to see scripts, and that’s perfectly fair.”

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