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A Look at the Innovative, Unscripted Love Story, ‘Six Years’

The unscripted love story, Six Years, directed by Hannah Fidell, follows a young couple (played by Ben Rosenfield and Taissa Farmiga) whose relationship deteriorates over a six-year period. AnaVelasco chatted with the two leads for the site, Milk


Taissa, you’ve been in ‘American Horror Story’, and Ben, you’ve been in ‘Boardwalk Empire’, which are both very specific shows with a semblance of fantasy. How was it different to prepare for a film that is this relatable, compared to something that is more fantastical?

BR: I found that the preparation was more about getting your head in the right place, less about building up a character who’s a total transformation from who you are. I was willing to let a lot of myself be in this character, whereas a lot of the time I look for characters that are very far removed from who I actually am.
TF: I think I was more nervous about the improv and how we’d have to bring a lot of ourselves into the character just because we want it to stem from a real place. We wanted to be truthful and it’s hard if you don’t have the dialogue written out for you to base it on a completely different character, you have to base it on yourself. I think preparing the backstory and getting to know these characters was most of the work we did in pre-production.