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‘Living with Nomads’ Takes Strategic Approach to Its Camera Kit

Director/producer Alexis Giradet writes for Televisual about his strategic camera kit for shooting BBC Two’s Kate Humble: Living with Nomads. Traveling to very remote locations, extreme weather conditions on both ends of the spectrum, and a small crew were some of the major challenges that the production had to face.

“For Mongolia, the first shoot, we took a Sony F800 with 2 lenses to help capture the wide-open expanses of the Gobi Desert. This was fabulous for capturing life in the wilderness, but for long hikes through the steppe I reverted to a Canon 305, a stalwart that I’ve come to rely on in many remote places,” Giradet writes. “For me, the ability to use CF cards like old fashioned tapes is the biggest bonus. There is just no point in taking all the media management kit for copying rushes every day; with limited power, high altitude and long days, it’s easiest and simplest to leave all that to post back in the UK. And  a light camera helps when trying to keep up with a herd of goats on the move.They really don’t take direction well at all!”

Giradet also used GoPros and the Sony NX70 for video diaries, infrared night shooting, and as a back-up camera.