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Livestream Innovates for Tough Mudder Race Streams

Obstacle course events company Tough Mudder initially tried to “hack” their own live video solution. When that failed, CEO Will Dean reached out to livestreaming event broadcast and analytics leader Livestream. Teams from both companies worked together to create Tough Mudder’s first stream on a Livestream HD550 all-in-one live production switcher with Cloud Studio. Livestream also built a custom player that allowed viewers to switch between camera feeds. Their partnership has since grown and expanded: Last year, live video from Tough Mudder was viewed 14.5 million times across Livestream and Facebook by more than 2.5 million participants.

“For people who aren’t sure if they can do a Tough Mudder, live video gives them a more visceral, unique experience in real time,” says Jesse Bull, senior vice president of brand and creative at Tough Mudder.

An event with around 70,000 unique views converts into around 20,000 web site visits. “The live watch time was a revelation to us versus a social media video that people will watch for 10 seconds, if you’re lucky,” adds Bull. “A five- or six-minute watch time was huge. We’re confident that we’ll see that traffic and engagement translate into more sales.”

Bull recommends Livestream to any company that wants to broadcast events. “I think it’s an incredibly easy tool to use, but more importantly, it’s a great team,” says Bull. “If they can figure out how to broadcast an event from the middle of a muddy field two hours outside of a city without Wi-Fi, then they can help any type of company broadcast.”