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Lin-Manuel Miranda, Robert Rodriguez Explore the Immigrant Experience

The video "highlights the oft-overlooked contributions of U.S. immigrants."


creator Lin-Manuel Miranda and action film auteur Robert Rodriguez teamed up on this thought-provoking music video about the American immigrant experience, directed by Tomas Whitmore of Diktator,” says

Ann-Christine Diaz


“The powerful clip, for the track ‘Immigrants (We Get the Job Done)’ off

The Hamilton Mixtape

album, highlights the oft-overlooked contributions of U.S. immigrants. It depicts, one by one, individuals singing and rapping about about being the invisible, unacknowledged pillars fueling the country, as they boldly march through various tableaux – a sweatshop, a butchery, a hospital, a kitchen, a subway car.”

The video, adds

Andrew Flanagan

, “is the latest re-up of


in the national consciousness, and was launched to help promote fundraising for the Immigrant: We Get The Job Done Coalition, a group of immigrant-rights non-profits based throughout the U.S. As part of that effort, Miranda is asking fans to post videos of themselves performing songs from



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