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Limelight Orchestrate Satisfies CuriosityStream

CuriosityStream is an over-the-top (OTT) on-demand, subscription-based streaming service that delivers premium programming in the areas of science, technology, civilization and the human spirit. It features exclusive content from the world’s best filmmakers. At launch, CuriosityStream wanted to ensure that viewers could watch curated nonfiction programs at any time, from any device, at an affordable price. With more than 1,500 programs available and additional titles being added every day, this was a challenging task.

“Between tablets, peripheral plug-in devices like Roku and Apple TV, native Smart TV applications, smartphones and tablets, the streaming hardware market has never been more fragmented,” says Peter North, chief operating officer for CuriosityStream. “It’s a significant challenge to support the wide and ever-growing array of consumer electronics and accommodate the rapid hardware and software evolution of each individual device.”

CuriosityStream implemented the Limelight Orchestrate Video platform. Benefits include:

  • Integrated video platform—A single solution addresses video and content delivery needs to avoid integration issues.
  • Scale—Scales to meet increasing streaming and storage bandwidth needs of CuriosityStream’s subscriber base, which was growing 20 percent weekly.
  • Multi-Device Media Distribution (MMD)—Limelight transmuxes content for any internet-connected device including Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, desktops, tablets, smartphones and more.
  • Global reach—Global private network for digital content delivery has more than 80 points of presence (PoPs).
  • Detailed analytics—Limelight’s analytics can be combined with CuriosityStream’s mobile and web site analytics to provide insight including viewer location and popular content.