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‘Lights Out’ Filmmaker David Sandberg on Learning How to Direct on the Job

Before director David F. Sandberg made his horror film Lights Out, he had never been on a set before and never even worked with a crew. That’s because Sandberg was making no-budget short films in his native Sweden with only the help of his wife. It was one of these shorts–also called “Lights Out”–that went viral and ultimately got him a bona fide movie deal.

“For me, the biggest change is the fact that I had never been on a film set before so this was the first time and I was the director and that was scary,” Sandberg admits to Forbes. “I had never worked with a crew before, it had just been me shooting and editing myself so it was quite an adjustment. At times I felt like I just wanted them to give me the camera because I knew what I wanted but I had to learn how to give my vision to people and explain to them what I wanted.”

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