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Lightborne Projects Visuals for Katy Perry Super Bowl Show

For Katy Perry’s Super Bowl halftime performance, production company Lightborne created animated imagery and LED content that was projected onto a circular stage more than 160 feet in diameter. The visuals needed to be precisely synchronized with the songs. Lightborne designed and animated a 3D chessboard for Perry’s performance of “Dark Horse,” for example, that interacted perfectly with Perry’s chess-piece dancers.

Lightborne produced a virtual environment for rehearsals using a d3 Projector Simulation to run through the 12 minutes of content animating Perry’s show. “It allowed us to load in all the physical dimensions of a performance—venue, the stage, projection screens, props, set dressing, even virtual performers—and create the entire performance,” explains Lightborne producer Dan Bryant. “We embedded our content into the simulation so that the team could ‘see’ the production ahead of arriving at the physical venue.”