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‘Lego Movie’ Sound Effects Captured with RØDE Microphones

With a film like The Lego Movie, part of the creative process is to derive unique sounds that are already familiar to an audience, yet are still original and represent what it would sound like if we were living in the Lego world. I was conscious of creating sounds that were both realistic and still had characteristics of the familiar Lego sounds. The challenge here was to find, record and create a hybrid sound that was both realistic and also aligned with the narrative of the film.

Using exclusively RØDE microphones, I started experimenting with both the NTG3 and the Procaster. My first recording subject was a broken children’s toy car that had noisy broken cogs inside it. This was the ideal sound as these broken cogs “clicked” and grinded, allowing me to rotate the wheels in time with the transforming images. Although I captured a clean sound, the detail of the inner workings of the car was lost. Having a smartLav on hand, I attached this directly to the car. To my surprise, the smartLav sounded amazing capturing all of the additional detail from within the car. With its supplied clip, the smartLav allowed me to attach the microphone in very close proximity to the sound source, allowing the sound to be “larger than life,” something that complemented the character of the film.

Damian Candusso is a multi-award-winning sound designer, with credits including The Lego Movie, The Great Gatsby, Australia and Happy Feet. You can find out more about Damian at his web site,