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Lectrosonics Wireless Technology Is ‘Unforgettable’

Production sound mixer Larry Hoff, CAS, relies on his arsenal of Lectrosonics wireless microphone equipment for clear, natural sound and robust performance when recording audio for the TV show Unforgettable, now starting its third season on CBS.

“I’ve been using Lectrosonics equipment for over 15 years,” Hoff reports. “I have a Lectrosonics Venue receiver system that is fully outfitted with six VRT receiver modules, four UCR411a receivers, as well as four of the older UCR211 receivers. I use several of the company’s transmitters, including HM plug-on units, SMQV and SMa Super Miniature transmitters, and UM400a beltpack systems. For IFB, I use the Lectrosonics T4 transmitter and the R1a receiver, and I also use the company’s ALP series shark fins and SNA dipole antennas among my various accessories.”

(From left) Gary Silver, Paul Koronkiewicz and Larry Hoff

With most of his work taking place in the greater New York metropolitan area, RF agility is an extremely important consideration. “I carry transmitters in both block 21 and 26 because New York has one of the highest rates of RF traffic in the world,” he says. “With the Lectrosonics scanning system, I know very quickly what I’m up against in any given area and I can tell which block to use.”

For any location sound engineer, quality customer and technical support services are crucial. Here, too, Hoff has been very pleased with Lectrosonics. “Lectrosonics’ customer support services are really good,” he says. “I know that I can always contact the company and reach a support technician who understands what I’m trying to accomplish.”