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Latens Launches Content & Revenue Protection Solution into U.S.

Latens Systems Ltd.

, is to launch its Video Encryption Engine (VEE) to U.S. audiences at the upcoming Telco TV show in Orlando, Florida (November 16-18). VEE provides cable and broadband operators with a simple, fast and cost-effective method of encrypting video for VOD distribution — a well-timed product launch considering the steady growth of VOD applications throughout the U.S.

Latens was founded in July 2003 by UK broadcast experts Jeremy Thorp, Jason Rogers and Andy Mathieson, its US office is in Atlanta and is headed up by Dean Kashlan. The company immediately established a reputation in international markets as a premier Conditional Access solutions provider with a unique vision for advancing security technology and techniques. Latens’ ability to look beyond the traditional first generation set-top box hardware and second generation virtual smartcard software solutions has enabled it to develop next generation dynamic software CA. These unique solutions minimize the likelihood of content theft through increased security strength, operational flexibility and faster recovery times and have many advantages over the static software solutions of other CA vendors.

Operators employing Latens VEE can simply and cost-effectively move towards the “never in the clear” architectures that are being increasingly demanded in contract negotiations between VOD operators and content companies. This ensures that the content is never unencrypted between ingest and viewing. VEE encrypts the video and passes it to a VOD server for ongoing distribution to the consumer, where it is decrypted using Latens next generation Secure Software Modules in the set-top box.

Latens is a privately held company based in Belfast, Northern Ireland founded by broadcast technology experts. Latens’ sole mission is to provide the industry’s leading software-based Content & Revenue Protection Systems for pay-TV and IPTV operators, as software security replaces legacy Conditional Access (CA) technology.