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LAIKA Looks to EIZO for Consistent Color

LAIKA, an animation company specializing in feature films, commercials and short films located in Portland, Ore., has installed more than 110 EIZO ColorEdge monitors for use in the capture, editing and playback of video content. Trevor Cable is the lead media engineer at LAIKA. Among his responsibilities is ensuring that editorial stays up and running. He builds and maintains all of LAIKA’s screening rooms and theaters, ensuring they remain color-matched to the company’s theatrical projectors.

“Consistent color is key in our workflow,” says Cable. “The ColorEdge monitors have been a lifesaver for us, especially the ColorNavigator software that comes with it. It allows us to maintain color consistency throughout all of our on-site groups. Commercial, Entertainment and 3D all maintain a uniform look so that if we have to share work among departments, we are assured that we are consistently matching colors and image quality from one workstation to the next.”

LAIKA acquired the EIZO monitors when they learned the displays they had been using were switching to a glossier panel format. Cable had only a small window of time between films to bring in all-new equipment. “I ended up looking at about seven different display types—I brought them into our theater for a color shoot-out. We used high-end color probes to analyze the color and it ended up being a fairly scientific procedure. We measured the color over the course of a month and we tracked how much drift there was on each. EIZO’s performance blew us away.”