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Kodak Introduces Improved Wratten Filters

Rochester, NY — Eastman Kodak Company has introduced several new lens filters for motion picture cameras, including an improved Kodak Wratten 2 Optical filter and a new series of Kodak Wratten 2 Carbon ND filters. These filters, which undergo a special precision coating that improves all of the filters’ qualities, continue to set the industry standard for reliability, batch-to-batch consistency, rigidity and durability. The new lenses are more rigid and durable, and easier to handle while offering

the same spectral transmission of current Wratten Gelatin Filters.

“Photographers, cinematographers, engineers, and scientists rely on the Wratten 2 filters for analytical consistency, as well as the ease of use for critical color correction,” says Steve Hallatt, motion picture accessories and services manager for Kodak’s Entertainment Imaging Division. “The Wratten filters provide consistent, optimal performance, which is critical for those whose work requires realistic and creative effects/applications.”

In addition to the new Wratten Filters, a variety of calibration tools and targets are now available for purchase directly through Kodak and it distribution partners. Previously sold by Tiffin, these tools can now be found

in the KODAK PROFESSIONAL Stockhouse Equipment and Supplies Price Catalog.

To find more information on Wratten filters, and the calibration tools and targets, please visit