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‘Killing Richard Glossip’ Director Joe Berlinger on the Life and Death Power of Documentary

Joe Berlinger’s (

Paradise Lost

) latest documentary

Killing Richard Glossip

tells the troubling story of a man on death row for a murder he swears he didn’t commit and to which there is scant evidence connecting him. Berlinger follows Glossip through three stays of execution and as the clock ticks down to his latest execution date, which could be as early as this summer.

Here is where I think the power of documentary can be effective,” Berlinger tells


. “I don’t think the citizens of Oklahoma would willingly want to execute someone who doesn’t deserve to be executed, or at least — in my personal opinion he is innocent — the point of the show is that the case is way too problematic to put this person to death. There are too many questions, too many problems and it needs to be looked at again.”

Killing Richard Glossip

premieres on ID on April 17th and 18th.

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