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‘Kiki’ Director Sara Jordenö on How Documentaries Speak Truth Through Construction

Visual artist 

Sara Jordenö talks to

The Moveable Fest

about making her first feature-length documentary,


, which centers around the West Village’s LGBTQ dancing competition scene.

“I’m a visual artist, but I was also very influenced by someone like [Frederick] Wiseman and just filming a lot to see what you can capture,” says Jordenö. “I wanted a very intimate film, but then the cinematographer [

Naiti Gamez]

and I also wanted to work with stylized shots, so it’s a mix of those two – being a fly on the wall with being very stylized, but that’s true to the community. Documentary is always a construction, but I feel if we cut it up in a way that somehow the truth can speak through the construction.”

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