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Kevin Pollak Explores Misery, Comedy in Documentary

Actor/comedian Kevin Pollak directed and edited Misery Loves Comedy, which he describes as “a feature film documentary incorporating interviews with over 60 incredibly famous funny people, all revolving around the thesis, ‘Do you have to be miserable to be funny?’”

He explains, “As I got deeper into the editing process, creating a narrative from my dozens of hours of interviews, I discovered that there was a lot more to the story. The narrative really became, ‘Who the hell chooses a life devoted to standing in front of total strangers and trying to make them laugh?’”

Pollak, who cut in Adobe Premiere Pro, found editing to be his favorite part of the production. “Even though I’d witnessed a lot of editors at work, I’d never taken the helm of the keyboard myself to create those magical moments that are only found in editing.”