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Kelly Reichardt: Editing Is Where You Learn How to Direct

Director Kelly Reichardt, whose latest film Night Moves opens in select theaters today, talks to Indiewire about why she chooses to edit her own films.

“I edit because that’s where you learn how to direct, really,” she says. “All the answers of what you should have done are in the editing. I miss out on being able to be in a conversation with someone, and I can see where that can be a really valuable thing–to have someone with more of a distance to be having a dialogue with. You write alone, and scouting is really lonely. Then you do this really intense thing with a lot of people. Afterwards, I usually feel like I want to hide away with my film again and go through the process of making sure that every possible thing has been tried. I’m a big believer in letting your film be bad for a while, and not trying to get to a good cut too quickly. I just want to be involved and I want that process, because it makes me think of what lens I should have used or what I should have done. It’s such a learning experience that I hate to miss out on it. I teach, and when you make films, you get further and further from the equipment. I have to stay in touch with something, because I teach.”

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