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Keith Kiska Creates 4K TIme-Lapse with Kessler

Time-lapse photographer Keith Kiska talks to Kessler about his 4K time-lapse “Skyward,” which was 4 years in the making and captures some of America’s most dramatic landscapes.

Says Kiska, “The making of the film was the most challenging 4 years of my life, shooting for weeks at a time in remote locations but more than that, mastering the skill needed to capture a time-lapse in general…Before the DSLR digital revolution these types of motion time-lapse shots, especially at night were near impossible, at least for our budget. That’s when we discovered Kessler. They already had a line of products that made it possible for filmmakers like us to create these amazing motion time-lapse shots. I couldn’t wait to adapt my landscape photography with this new technique. It was also a great excuse for us to plan a couple expeditions into the best national parks and wild lands America had to offer.”

Read the full story here and watch Skyward below.

Skyward 4K from Keith Kiska on Vimeo.