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JVC Professional Products Company Conducts Camera Seminars

JVC Professional Products Company announced the sponsorship of aCamcorder Seminar Series, aimed at teaching users of all levels ofexpertise how to evaluate camera performance and get the most out oftoday’s camera technology. Conducted by industry experts, theCamcorder Seminar Series guides participants through the application ofcamera technology to enhance the creative value of professional videoproduction.

JVC developed the seminar to be of value to professionals of alllevels of expertise and technical knowledge. Viewers will get the rareopportunity to directly compare the industry’s best-sellingprofessional camcorders on the market right now – the SonyDSR-PD150, the Canon XL1S and JVC’s GY-DV300, among others.Attendees are also invited to bring along their own personal cameras tosee how they compare with the industry leaders.

Each Camcorder Seminar includes participation by attendees in theevaluation of camera performance; subjecting cameras to “torturetest” picture comparison; observing technical evaluation byexperts; and learning about features to enhance creativity, includingobtaining optimum quality pictures in difficult lightingsituations.

Response to the seminar, already on tour, has been positive.“The presentation was stellar in every respect as Jerry [Cohen,the presenter] clearly explained the technical rudiments behindJVC’s latest generation products. What an eye-opener!” saidVideo Systems contributing editor Barry Braverman.

JVC saw the importance of conducting the Camcorder Seminar Series toresolve the various questions asked of them by dealers and end users.Many users voice confusion over the additional features included withthe camcorders. Sophisticated features that used to be available onlyon high-end cameras used explicitly by advanced camera operators arenow available on hand-held camcorders.

“The seminar tour is a great opportunity for end users toobserve firsthand the extraordinary cost-performance available intoday’s most affordable professional camcorders,” saidJVC’s national products manager Juan Martinez.

JVC’s Camcorder Seminar Series will tour forty major venuesthroughout the United States. See below for the schedule, or view acontinually updated schedule online at

Camcorder Seminar Series Schedule

August 8 St. Louis
August 13-14 San Francisco
August 16 Portland
August 22 Rockville, Md.
August 23 Detroit
August 24-25 Washington, D.C.
September 4-5 Atlanta
September 10 Orlando
September 12 Miami

JVC plans to continue the Series into the fall and through theremainder of the year. For a complete schedule including locations,times, and directions, or if your city is not listed above and yourvidegrapher organization would like to host a meeting, please contactScott Watson at (973) 317-5000. There is no cost to attend a seminarand refreshments will be provided.

About JVC
JVC Professional Products Company, headquartered in Wayne, N.J.,distributes a complete line of presentation, broadcast, and CCTVprofessional equipment.