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Julie Kirkwood’s Cinematography Adds Tension & Suspense to ‘I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House’

Just in time for Halloween, Netflix’s I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House is a psychological ghost story about a lonely caretaker named Lily who is simultaneously dealing with apparitions and her own demons.

The sparse script relies heavily on cinematographer Julie Kirkwood’s work to add tension and suspense, as a lot of the film’s thrills come from being inside Lily’s head.

“In Pretty Thing, some of the keys to the visuals came from Lily’s voiceover,” Kirkwood tells Moveable Fest. “She talks about how we create our own ghosts by looking and not truly seeing ourselves. The idea of looking, looking, looking, trying and failing to see really informed how we shot the film.  We showed some of the same images repeatedly, we held wide static frames, forcing you to look at the same image for a long time, we did slow pans where you feel like you’re looking around the house, and several very slow zooms to give the idea of looking more closely, leaning in or squinting to see better.”

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