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Johnny Hardstaff Slows Down Time for Honda Spot

Director Johnny Hardstaff harnessed the power of slow-motion beauty shots to create the 60-second spot for Honda, “Feeling.”

“In order to craft this almost frozen experience, I dragged the hi-speed Bolt camera arm across Spain in mostly horrendous winter weather and stuck it up mountains and the like, shooting repeat passes and using it as a makeshift motion control rig, which is clearly not what it is intended for,” Hardstaff tells Creative Review. “I wanted to do as much in-camera as possible, which leaves you at the mercy of disobedient goldfinches in a remote Spanish valley. But MPC took all those passes and rather brilliantly wove them together, working in some beautifully crafted CGI elements. It’s one of those jobs where the process is arduous, but throughout you’re trying to keep it light and seemingly effortless in-camera.”

Watch below and read the full story here.