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‘John Wick’ DP Jonathan Sela Achieves Two Distinctive Looks with ARRI Alexa XT

John Wick cinematographer Jonathan Sela talks to ARRI about using the ARRI Alexa XT for his first digital feature film shoot. John Wick tells the story of a former hitman who is drawn back into his old profession after a violent attack.

Says Sela, “Our main visual idea for the film was to achieve two different looks, one for John Wick’s normal life before the action begins and the other for the underground world he is drawn back into. We wanted the first look to be soft and clean, and the second to be grittier, darker and sharper. For cost reasons we were shooting with just the one camera format, so I used different lenses and contrasting camerawork to create these two distinct looks. The first part of the movie is more static and then when John Wick goes back to being a hit-man, the camera never stops moving.”

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