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John Toll Chooses ARRI Alexa to Shoot Iron Man 3

Cinematographer John Toll decided to go digital to shoot Iron Man 3, ultimately choosing the ARRI Alexa.

He says, “I was very interested in doing a movie with digital cameras, and exploring the whole medium. Iron Man 3 was a good opportunity for me because I had the resources to do a lot of testing and to really explore how digital cameras work. I think part of the whole attraction of the digital world is convenience, especially for big visual effects movies. I thought it made sense for this project. We were recording the 14 stops of range that the Alexa claims. If we needed to access that amount of information down the road, for visual effects and in the DI, then we could. That additional information was the reason we chose to go with the Codex workflow and ARRIRAW.”

Read more here on ARRI’s site.