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John Lennon Educational Tour Bus Travels with TriCaster

A set of fully equipped audio recording and video production studios on wheels, the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus brings its facilities to schools across North America so students can experience performing and producing music videos and live music shows using a wide range of musical instruments and production equipment, including a NewTek TriCaster.

“Every year, the Lennon Bus kicks off its season equipped with all the latest and greatest HD audio and video equipment from our supporters,” explains Hans Tanner, one of the three engineers on board.

Using this equipment, students are able to experiment with broadcasting and live streaming. “Because TriCaster can record on multiple tracks, we’re recording the full-resolution program output in the TriCaster,” says Jeff Sobel, chief engineer for the Lennon Bus. At the same time, producers on the bus are encoding the live event and streaming it from the TriCaster. “So we’re still keeping the full HD quality that allows people to watch the program live at a very reasonable bit rate.”

At one end of the bus is a chromakey backdrop disguised as an ordinary gray fabric-covered wall. Reflecmedia’s Chromatte fabric only comes to life as a blue- or greenscreen when illuminated by a camera-mounted LiteRing. This setup allows the students to take advantage of the TriCaster LiveSet technology and experience a virtual set studio or a Holographic LiveSet virtual environment.