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Joe Berlinger on How Documentarians Have Stepped Into the Role of Investigative Journalism

Paradise Lost

documentarian Joe Berlinger spoke to

Fast Company

about his latest project,

Killing Richard Glossip

, and the role that activist documentary filmmaking is playing in today’s rife climate.

We’re entering into an era of profound concern for American democracy,” he says. “A lot of people in my business are upset about the direction of the country, what’s happening in politics. For example, if the president has his way with the budget and we gut the EPA regulations, and we cut protections for the small guy on every level, I just think it’s an environment ripe for the need to tell these kinds of stories…With the gutting of print journalism because of the internet, there’s been a tremendous decrease in old-fashioned print investigative reporting. So I think the documentarian has stepped in as the guy and maybe has a more important role than ever in terms of investigative reporting.”

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