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Jobs Jabs at HD Camcorders

Apple CEO Steve Jobs doesn’t think that high-definition camcorders are producing the level of quality they should for personal computers. HD camcorders, he claims, don’t include the sensors to record full high definition, and as a result output sub-HD quality to computers — and he took advantage of last week’s iMac launch to point that out, according to CNN Money.

Mr. Jobs’s comments may have been an attempt to put some pressure on camcorder makers to ramp up the quality of their products. Even though most consumers won’t be able to tell that their home movies aren’t full HD quality, some will, and they may look to Apple for an explanation.

By orchestrating a preemptive strike against camcorder manufacturers, Mr. Jobs may also be laying the groundwork to insulate his company from potential complaints that iMovie does not produce movies with the quality customers expect.

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