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Joan Didion Documentary Funded on Kickstarter

Filmmakers Griffin Dunne and Susanne Rostock reached their Kickstarter goal of $80,000 in just a little over a day to make their documentary about writer Joan Didion (who also happens to be Dunne’s aunt).

The film, called We Tell Ourselves Stories In Order to Live, will feature interviews with Joan herself as well as her contemporaries and admirers, to provide a singular, intimate portrait of one of America’s greatest and most fascinating living writers.

As Dunne says in the Kickstarter video, “We’re making it because no one else incredibly has made a documentary about Joan Didion. It’s a mystery…People don’t know what Joan sounds like when she talks; I think people should see that a woman so tiny in frame is a lion. She’s a fearsome critic, essayist, a voice of moral authority and a deeply intimidating figure.”

The Kickstarter campaign is running through November 21st.