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J.C. Chandor Meditates on Cinematic Violence with ‘A Most Violent Year’

J.C. Chandor’s A Most Violent Year is a retrospective film that analyzes cinematic violence more than portrays it. As Chandor explains to Indiewire, that was purposeful–a choice that came out of observing the country and his neighborhood right after the Sandy Hook tragedy.

“You…have these two tumbleweeds. This character study and this idea of analyzing movie violence, and they merged together into this story,” Chandor says of his movie. “And the idea of structuring it like a classic ‘30s gangster film, which is basically what it is. There’s two chase sequences, a femme fatale, a Jewish moneylender. There’s all these signpost issues of what a gangster movie is, and you’re sort of playing on that audience’s desire for that. By the time you get there, you then do start to know who your characters are, but it never all clicked… everything I just said is only in hindsight. I never knew all of that was all happening in my brain as it was happening. I was just reacting to it as a writer.”

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