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Jairus McLeary Turns a Personal Volunteering Passion into Compelling Documentary ‘The Work’

Jairus McLeary’s new documentary

The Work

documents his very personal work volunteering with the Inside the Circle Foundation, responsible for leading powerful therapy sessions for inmates at Folsom Prison.

“They have meetings every week, but I kept on appearing for the biannual [events] where they’d invite the public to volunteer,” explains McLeary to

The Moveable Fest

. “It goes by word of mouth and my brothers have gone, my dad has gone, my uncle has gone. Friends of mine would hear about it and there’s no great way to explain it, except for it’s just an amazing experience. You learn a lot about yourself and other human beings, so it got to the point where I was doing independent film in Los Angeles and I would get these questions [about it], like some skeptics would say, ‘Why do you think these guys deserve it?’ or ‘Why do you think you could help these guys?’ and [the film] just started as a way to answer the question,’What do you guys do in there?'”

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