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It Took a Year of Work for These CGI Droplets to Look This Gorgeous

52 visual effects artists worked for a year to push the boundaries of liquid simulation in order to create the eye-catching spot for the new Sky Q home entertainment system.

The team at VFX house the Mill went through an extensive pre-vis phase before working on creating the 100% CGI droplets.

“We shot lots of live action references of droplets and made an edit of our favorite ‘real’ moments. We then blocked out the action using the real liquid in Flame and also using rudimentary 3-D spheres in Maya,” creative director Dan Williams explains to Televisual. “Once we had a fairly good idea of the blocking/choreography of the liquid, we went into sim in Houdini. The sim process would often take a lot of iterations before we reached something we were happy with as it had to tick so many boxes. We were always looking for drama and natural moments in the simulation. The whole scene was always modeled and tracked to the live action backgrounds so the liquid would interact with surfaces correctly.”