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‘It’ Editor Aims to Provoke ‘Visceral Reaction’

"The challenge is to tackle each story beat in a fresh new way."

“First and foremost, a horror film is only as good as an audience’s emotional commitment to the characters,”



Jason Ballantine tells Steve Hullfish

. “Some screen time must be dedicated to this point, before taking the audience on the ride.

“In terms of different rhythms that could be employed, it’s all an endeavor to provoke an emotional reaction appropriate to the scene, whilst avoiding being predictable or repetitious.

“For example, holding shots for an overly drawn out suspenseful type approach or perhaps a frenetic fast cut chase. Then of course horror’s unique tool, the jump-scare.”

“The challenge is to tackle each story beat in a fresh new way. Director Andy Muschietti and I were very conscious of this. There’s nothing more satisfying than experiencing an audience’s visceral reaction.” To read the full interview, click here.